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“A Thai yoga massage session with Rachel Toll is an experience unlike any other.  From beginning to end, she guides your physical self in effortful exploration, while nurturing your spirit, ultimately leaving you in a perfectly blended trance.  In the short term you feel immeasurably better, and her sessions carry many of the long-term benefits of yoga practice.  Words cannot do her ministrations justice — you must experience them for yourself!”

–David Ringwood

“Rachel has a nurturing tranquility that allows for the most amazing 90-minute escape from reality.”

–Jonathan Manhan

“She is hands down the best at relaxation. If you’re looking for a great massage at a (more than) reasonable price – go to Rachel. And the Thai moves she does with the massage are an added bonus. I felt a great mind-body-spirit connection when she gave me my massage. Check her out… it’s worth it!”

–Kristen Acevedo

“I started yoga with Rachel Toll to improve my physical well being. Somewhat later, I learned that Rachel was/is a certified Thai Massage Therapist. Regular massage did nothing for me so I decided to try “Thai” with Rachel. It’s wonderful! She’s wonderful! It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced. You don’t disrobe – it’s a combo of manipulation and massage. Not the manipulation a chiropractor does and not the regular massage. She can come to you or you can go to her. If you have hip issues – as I have, back pain, neck, shoulders, etc., then give Rachel Toll and Thai Massage a try. You won’t be sorry!”

–Carol Reed

“Rachel is my yoga instructor and now my Thai yoga therapist. I couldn’t believe how fast the time goes & how much better I felt than after a traditional massage. I wish I could have a Thai yoga massage every day!”

–Lisa Albert

“Rachel has a remarkable Healing Touch which comes through in the form of Thai massage. I love getting my Thai body work sessions from Rachel because I literally walk out of each session straight again with a natural gait instead of how I walked into that session– usually with a twisted torso from tight ligaments and muscles and the wears and tears of using my body throughout the week. Each session is magical, with Rachel knowing just what to do. Not only is her touch very healing, but Rachel is a loving, compassionate person who immediately puts you at ease. I have recommended Rachel to others because she is a rare gem of a body worker that is hard to find.”

–Pauline Townsend

“I have been having Yoga sessions with Rachel Toll since 2014. I was experiencing back pains and overall muscle stiffness for a couple of years prior to my first session with Rachel. My back stopped bothering me and I am able to sleep better. After each session I am so much more relaxed, and feel an overall sense of well-being. I would recommend sessions with Rachel to anyone I know.”

–Brian Hill

“Both my husband and I enjoy very much couples yoga every Saturday with Rachel. Each of us also enjoy a monthly Thai Massage. Rachel is a superb instructor and massage therapist!”

–Bernadette Yue